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Recommend a Friend Sale

Life is better with friends.

Recommend a friend and receive £5 credit each towards your treatment

You can refer as many people as you would like, there is no limit to the amount of £5 credits you can receive.  We ask that you follow the below conditions:


  1. The person making a referral must be a client of Blissett's Physiotherapy Ltd and the person you refer must be a new client of Blissett's Physiotherapy Ltd.  Only one person can receive a referral discount to each new client referred.

  2. On your initial consultation, you will be given referral cards.  Write your name on the card(s) and give the card(s) to your friend(s) and family.

  3. Once your friend/family member has attended, paid and given the referral card  to the Chartered Physiotherapist during their initial assessment; both you and your friend/family member will receive £5 credit each towards your treatment sessions.

  4. This offer is not open to business to business transactions.

Bliss Physio aims to push the forefront of private physiotherapy by innovation, being different and being up to date with treatments and assessments.


 We provide an integrated approach so that our simple booking system, treatments and payments are linked to our software in order to provide an excellent experience from start to finish.

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